We are super excited to announce that pig racing is launching at Monk Park Farm on May 27th – just in time for the half term holiday! Our miniature Penny Royal pigs are raring to go so come join in the fun and predict the winner!


These specially trained racing pigs have been preparing all year for their moment in the spotlight and can’t wait to show our guests how speedy they are! Miniature pigs are used for racing as they tend to be quicker and more nimble – it’s really something to watch them go!

A circular track complete with jumps and tunnels has been constructed here at the farm as part of our ongoing programme of improvements and new additions.

Before the race, place your bets to be in with a chance of winning a prize if your chosen pig wins the race. Each zippy piggie will wear a coloured bib so you can keep an eye on their progress as they dash towards the finish line.

pigs racing over obstacles

Pig racing details

The pig racing at Monk Park Farm is part of the general admission fee. All bets are free. Races will take place up to three times a day, with times displayed on the notice at the entrance and by the track.

As with everything we do on the farm, the welfare of our animals is our highest priority. Racing times may therefore vary, and different pigs will take part in different races to ensure they all get a good rest in between.

The piggies generally love racing as it give them fresh air and exercise, as well as a lovely treat at the end. But if we ever think any of them are not enjoying the racing or are too tired, we won’t race them.

pigs jumping through tyres in a race

Pig racing and other new additions

Pig racing is a popular attraction at farm parks in the UK, and is the latest addition to our offering here at Monk Park Farm. As well as our usual attractions, we’re introduced a new play park and indoor marquee area, as well as extending our petting barn.

We’ve also created a dedicated celebration room for our birthday parties, and have planned a variety of events for the year ahead, including Father’s Day, the summer holidays, Halloween and Christmas.

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