Meet the Herdwick Sheep at Monk Park Farm

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Herdwick sheep are a breed of sheep known for their distinctive wool.

They are very hardy animals and can survive the harshest conditions due to their double layer coat, thick stocky legs covered in wool and their small ears that stop them losing heat.

They are an ancient British breed that originated from the Lake District. The breed was under threat in the early 1900s, but famous author Beatrix Potter became heavily involved in their conservation. This was due to her love of the breed and their habitat.

Male sheep are called ‘Rams’ or ‘Tups’ and females are called ‘Ewes’.

On average, Ewes are pregnant for 5 months or 152 days. Their young are called ‘Lambs’ and are born black, turning greyer as they mature.

Their diet is predominately grass. They also receive supplementary hay, fodder beet and pellets over winter when there is less pasture for grazing.