Meet the Llamas at Monk Park Farm

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Llamas are part of the camelid family. They are said to date back 40 million years to the central plains of North America, which became extinct during the ice age. The only surviving generations of Llamas are the ones that migrated to South America.

Domestication started around 3-5 thousand years ago, making them one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world.

Their thick coat helps them withstand extreme cold and snow, whilst their short hairs which are on several areas of their body help cool down in warmer conditions.

Llamas are herbivores, feeding on grass, low shrubs and mountain vegetation.

Llamas serve as multi-purpose animals. Their coats have been used for years making handicrafts, ropes, and clothing. Even llama dung has been found useful as fuel for cooking fires and warmth.

Male Llamas are called ‘Studs’, females are called ‘Dams’ and their young are called ‘Crias’.