Meet the Wallabies at Monk Park Farm

A wallaby is a small macropod native to Australia and New Guinea. They belong to the same family as kangaroos.

These are red-necked wallaby or Bennett’s wallaby and are better suited to the UK climate than other breeds.

They eat grasses, roots, tree leaves, and weeds.

There are about 100 Wallabies living wild in the UK. They were brought over around 100 years ago but escaped from a zoo. Red-necked wallabies are mainly solitary but will gather together when there is an abundance of resources such as food, water or shelter.

Gilly, our white Wallaby was an orphan and bottle fed at home with Sue; our animal welfare assistant, which was featured on The Yorkshire Vet.

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Wallaby Facts

  • When a Wallaby is born they stay in its mothers pouch for about 280 days.