Meet the Kunekune Pigs at Monk Park Farm

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Kunekune translates to fat and round (which isn’t hard to see why).

Although the breed came from New Zealand (being imported into Britain in 1992), its true country of origin is unknown and may have been brought over from Polynesia.

They often have wattles hanging from their neck, which are fleshy hair-covered skin growths with no known purpose.

Kunekune’s are placid, easy to keep and thoughroughly enjoy human company.

They are excellent at foraging, often turning lush green grass into muddy fields. They also enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables and pig pellets.

They love to wallow (lay in muddy puddles) in the summer. This helps them cool down as they cannot regulate their temperature through sweating.

Males are called ‘Boars’, females are ‘Sows’ and their young are called ‘Piglets’.

They are pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.