Meet the Cameroon Sheep at Monk Park Farm

Cameroon Sheep is one of the world’s oldest surviving breeds. Bred by humans in African, originally in Cameroon and other surrounding countries in West Africa. The breed has also been domesticated in Europe and is used primarily for meat production.

Unlike some other sheep, Cameroon sheep have no wool, but thick, tight hair, with an extra undercoat during winter months. This winter coat is shed automatically once spring arrives. They are best known for their unique brown colour, with a blackhead, belly and legs. Females do not have horns, while rams have spiral horns, with a thick mane and throat ruff (almost like a beard!).

Cameroon sheep are Herbivores and eat grasses and leaves.

We have around 40 Cameroon sheep at Monk Park Farm.

Cameroon Sheep Facts

  • The Cameroon sheep’s large, pronounced eyes are situated on the sides of their heads to give them a 270-degree field of vision. This helps them stay on the lookout for predators, almost like having eyes in the back of your head!