Meet the Manx Sheep at Monk Park Farm

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Manx Loaghtan sheep are an ancient breed of sheep from the Isle of Man, with distinctive brown wool and horns.

Their name comes from the Manx words for mouse-brown, which describes their wool colour.

Manx Sheep

They are extremely rare and thanks to the efforts of a local farmer, Jack Quine, who preserved a flock of 50 ewes in the mid-20th century, the breed was saved from extinction.

Male sheep are called ‘Rams’ or ‘Tups’, females are called ‘Ewes’ and the young are called ‘Lambs’. On average, Ewes are pregnant for months or 152 days.

Their diet is predominately grass. They also receive supplementary hay, fodder beet and pellets over winter when there is less pasture for grazing.