Meet the Pygmy Goats at Monk Park Farm

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Pygmy Goats are miniature, genetically dwarfed goats. They are kept mainly for enjoyment, interest and companionship.

Goats are members of the ruminant family, which means that they have a four-chambered stomach which helps with the digestion of grass and other vegetation.

Goats are excellent browsers, they like to keep their heads up to eat available foliage. They have horizontal pupils in order to survive, this adaptation allows the goats to have a broad line of sight to search for predators and to see danger approaching from their peripheral vision.

Males are called ‘Billys’, females are called ‘Does’ or ‘Nannys’, and their young are called ‘Kids’.

The pregnancy period for a Pigmy goat is 150 days, which is just under 5 months.