Meet the Large White Pig at Monk Park Farm

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The Large White is a British breed of domestic pig and is native to us here in Yorkshire.

The breed is a big, pale pink pig with pointy ears and a slightly dished face.

They love to wallow in the summer, coating themselves in mud to cool them down and to stop them from becoming sunburnt.

Valais sheep at Monk Park Farm

They are a very friendly breed and love to have their heads rubbed as well as enjoying things to play with.

Female pigs are called ‘Sows’, Male are called ‘Boars’ and young are called ‘Piglets’.

Pigs are pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

They love to eat everything they can find hence why it looks like their field has been ploughed. As well as foraging for food, they also eat fresh vegetables and nutritious pig pellets.