Meet the Valais Black Nose Sheep at Monk Park Farm

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The Valais Black Nose sheep originate from the Valais region of Switzerland.

Valais sheep are recognisable by their distinctive black faces which are set off by the white curls of their wool. Aside from their face, they also have black ears, knees, hocks, and feet.

Valais sheep at Monk Park Farm

The have very thick wool that has to be sheared twice a year. Each sheep can produce up to 4kg of wool.

Valais sheep are extremely cuddly and love engaging with humans.

Male sheep are called ‘Rams’ or ‘Tups’, females are called ‘Ewes’ and the young are called ‘Lambs’. On average, Ewes are pregnant for 5 months or 152 days.

Their diet is predominately grass. They also receive supplementary hay, fodder beet and pellets over winter when there is less pasture for grazing.